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An analyst’s take on automated unstructured data governance: Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber

Managed IT and cyber services providers are constantly on the prowl for ways to increase their productivity. Often an innovative service that adds differentiation to a MSSP’s portfolio is another key factor in their search. Therefore, when an innovative service that also saves enormous amounts of time and resources in an area that was previously a dark hole becomes available, many experts become fans. Particularly for MSSPs who take upon tasks of reporting on compromised data, finding the specific stolen data entities is extremely time-consuming.

In the article below, Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, and his team, recently received a demonstration of MinerEye’s solutions for automated discovery, mapping, indexing and classification of unstructured or dark data. They quickly understood what illuminating the darkness meant, when previously this data was accessible only via manual means, going through individual inboxes. Have a look at Ed’s analysis and conclusions and contact MinerEye for your own demonstration.

A New Option for MSSPs: Unstructured Data Discovery