DataTracker™ for Government

Time to Manage your Unstructured Data

Data sprawl is affecting your government agency’s effectiveness and weakening its security. But it doesn’t have to. MinerEye’s DataTracker™ enables your agency to benefit from fast and continuous data discovery and mapping of your unstructured data  no matter its volume, both in your on-premise and cloud-based repositories. Within a matter of weeks of deployment, your agency’s file management and data protection will be transformed with secure classification, data minimization, and regulatory compliance.


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Automated Process
Automated Process
MinerEye uses AI and ML to automatically discover, map, index and classify sensitive data protection for your unstructured data.
Built for scale
Built for scale
MinerEye scans huge volumes of data in minimal time. Users can analyze 500TB of data while utilizing merely 4TB of disk space and 20 CPUs.
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
MinerEye has built a wide eco-system of the large cloud-based and on-premise vendors for a seamless connection to your data sources. New integrations with on-premise sources are configured quickly.
Index Data
Index Data
MinerEye scales down big data to enable fast discovery and indexing of data. This enables quick discovery of duplicates and near duplicates to reduce redundant data and overcome barriers in the data analysis.
Data Minimization
Data Minimization
MinerEye uses AI to automatically identify ROT files (redundant, obsolete, trivial) holding sensitive data that is worthwhile to delete for better file management and significant cost reductions.

What They Say

You can't protect what you can’t find. MinerEye finds the data that needs protection.
Gartner Cool Vendor Report
The combination of MinerEye’s AI-based data discovery solutions and our professional cyber services is clearly the fastest and most effective approach in addressing incident response.
MinerEye’s technology enabled us to securely protect our sensitive data that is located in attached, scanned documents.
Mega International Commercial Bank
MinerEye’s Interpretive AI Technology is the most efficient way we have seen to find, keep track of, and monitor an organization’s sensitive and important data. The speed at which the MinerEye AI can process vast amounts of data is groundbreaking.
Agile Defense
The MinerEye’s DataTracker is a well-thought-out mix of automated capabilities and assisted machine learning, that altogether add significant value for companies looking for better control about their unstructured data. It delivers a leading-edge approach on analyzing such data.
With MinerEye it’s easy to see the value – what is in the data. They allow full scanning, compared to competitors who are only sampling.
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Powered by Interpretive AI™

Granular Classification
Correlates granular dissection of data with multi-dimensional analysis enabling customized data policies.
Artificial Intelligence
MinerEye’s Interpretive AI™ Technology goes deep into any file at the pixel and byte level for the most accurate classification, ensuring no sensitive data is missed.
Any Data in Any Form
Full data resilience, continuously scanning vast volumes of data for sensitive information, using machine learning to adapt and cover changes in form and file.
Interpretive AI

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