Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Solutions for Optimized Management
of Unstructured Data for Privacy Compliance

Data Retention Automation

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.“ Jack Welch.
Banking, financial services, and insurance sectors continue to experience unprecedented volumes of regulatory change and complexity.
MinerEye leverages feeds of Regulatory Intelligence (RI) helps companies gather, monitor, and analyze regulatory data and track developments in a rapidly changing environment.

Solution Brief
Minereye Datat privacy

Achieving data retention compliance through automated regulatory intelligence

  • Implement data retention to unstructured data leveraging AI-powered file categorization.
  • Improve your file management in seconds.
  • Save money by efficient automation on top of big and dispersed data.
  • Reduce data footprint and lower compromise risks.

Know Your Risk at a Glance

Leverages AI and ML to group huge volumes of file data in a variety of dimensions e.g. meta-data, content, risk, location, access permissions. Puts a risk score to every file for clear-cut prioritization for mitigation.

What you can achieve when automating
your unstructured data compliance

Cost Reductions
Cost Reductions
Fast and continuous discovery of non-compliant file data avoiding punitive fees. Automated fulfillment of D/SAR requests, costing between $2-$4K when performed manually.
Safe File Sharing
Safe File Sharing
Tight data protection within SaaS environments with automated file classification reflecting your various policies of privacy, security and business according to user, context, and content.
Immediate Results
Immediate Results
Continuous monitoring of file data compliance with alerts for non-compliance and recommendations for mitigation. Finding PI in minutes for D/SAR and other requests save $K in time and resources.
Full Visibility
Full Visibility
Continuously scans a terabyte of data per hour using machine learning to adapt to changes in form and files, discovering PI and business entities within images, attached files, PDFs, Office, text/CSV and binary data.
Risk Quantification
Risk Quantification
Automates applying risk scores in a unified view across file types and data sources giving end users the flexibility to customize. Files that are found to be non-compliant receive recommendations on mitigation.

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