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All data is not equal in data discovery
04.07.2020 | by Dima Tatur

How often do you read about the data that is compromised by some malware or ransomware? Who goes into detail about what is inside the data? Can customers who are notified that their accounts were hacked, truly know what personal information of theirs was exposed? Can they know quickly? or by the time they are notified, are their accounts available on the Dark Web?

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MinerEye at the AFWERX Fusion Event for the Base of the Future!

“We’ve got to innovate to maintain America’s security. We’ve created the AFWERX Challenge to accelerate inventive solutions from individuals, startups, small business…

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How is your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tool
02.07.2020 | by Dima Tatur

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology is meant to stop data loss by classifying and labeling the valuable business information, thereby preventing its transfer to…

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How a CISO can Deliver Business Value
16.07.2020 | by Dima Tatur

It’s been said that data is the new oil as the most valuable business asset. If this is true, that would elevate a CISOs role to the organization to the keepers of the family…

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Getting your Regulatory Data Privacy Compliance Requirements in a Row. Is it as Time Consuming as You Think?

Most CISOs or CCOs live in fear of the announcement of a routine audit from a compliance organization, or even worse – a data breach or incident where they need to disclose information to the relevant authorities, or notify customers. To help you keep your obligations straight, here’s a handy guide to what you need […]

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Another Day, Another Breach
01.06.2020 | by Dima Tatur

According to the latest Identity Theft Resource Center report, there was a 17% increase in reported US data breaches in 2019, over the 2018 data. More recently, due to Covid-19, the WHO has reported a fivefold increase in cyber attacks since this situation began. Without acting in panic mode, organizations need to accept this new reality, that a […]

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