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MinerEye at the AFWERX Fusion Event for the Base of the Future!

“We’ve got to innovate to maintain America’s security. We’ve created the AFWERX Challenge to accelerate inventive solutions from individuals, startups, small business, large enterprises, academia and research labs in the most collaborative way and get them to America’s Airmen at the speed of relevance.”

This is the call to action on the AFWERX home page, quoted by General Stephen Wilson, the Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S Air Force, and don’t you just love that final turn of phrase? – “the speed of relevance.”

A Fast-paced World, Driven by Necessity

Can’t you almost feel the drive to do more, quicker, have more flexibility and scale? But underneath what can almost seem like a frantic pace, are the enablers of this speed, quietly adding the security, governance and compliance that are the checks and balances of global business and technology. When something becomes relevant, it needs to be immediately spun up unto existence, be strong enough, and robust enough to hit the ground running.

The AFWERX Fusion event has these core values at its center, and as part of the event, MInereye has been invited to participate in six challenges that revolve around security, resilience, and agility. This Base of the Future challenge is part of the annual flagship event, and winners will be able to join the virtual conference where they can network with decision makers and leaders from organizations that have proven themselves to be part of tomorrow’s innovation, pitching their solutions to the Air Force and the Department of Defense.

Anyone who knows MinerEye knows that this is the kind of challenge that excites us, and we jumped at the chance to enter the ring. As a part of the process, we had to think about how MinerEye could be a valuable part of the Base of the Future, for the benefit of the US defense forces, and a valuable use case to share with our customers.

Automated Information Governance in the Base of the Future

When you think Air Force, you don’t first think data. But without considering data as a strategic asset, any organization is in trouble. Firstly, data needs to be prioritized so that it can be kept safe, especially in mission-critical areas like government and defense, and secondly, as data is increasingly moved to a hybrid environment, the Air Force should consider technology that can manage the data of a dynamic and unpredictable ecosystem.

Here are the four steps that the Air Force would need to cover:

Let’s think about how MinerEye addresses those needs, one at a time.

Data Discovery and Governance

AI and machine learning radically shorten the data discovery and handling of the immense wealth of data held by the Air Force, across all types, even unstructured file data. MinerEye creates multi-dimensional maps of all files, from Word docs and PDFS, to TIFF files and more, and can scan multiple Air Force base locations in a hybrid environment, looking at details such as the meta-data of each file, its content, risk level, permissions and more. Used to being the eye in the sky, the Air Force can now see it all.

Cloud Optimization

This is the minimization stage, finding both duplication of information, and ‘near’ duplication. As MinerEye is the only tool that looks at the context of the file, we are uniquely suited to take on this task for the Air Force. As the Air Force moves data to the cloud and SaaS environments, it can be more important than ever to reduce data, as unnecessary information is both more at risk, and more costly to hold onto.

Data Protection

Categorization is no easy matter, especially when it comes to a complex machine like the Air Force. Here, the Air Force could use MinerEye to index data into multiple buckets as in topics, including indexing the information found within a PDF, like a contract. This flexibility of multiple buckets allows for smarter classification in how to handle the data.

Policy Modeling

MinerEye offers a simulation environment to continuously model and fine-tune classification policies before they are implemented. When it comes to the Air Force, speed and accuracy are vital, and decision-makers can’t afford to be slowed down or allow for security to become a hurdle. Using MinerEye, accurate results are received in seconds and files are automatically updated as needed.

Your Business – Reaching Sky-high Potential!

Automated data protection would be a great choice for the Base of the Future, but it’s also an awesome technology for any organization that needs incisive protection and governance over their data. Operational savings come from multiple directions, as you don’t need skilled data engineers, you reduce storage costs, and you save time sifting through information to find what you need. For the Base of the Future and now, we’re all about helping you in the present.

Come visit the MinerEye team at the AFWERX Fusion event July 29 – 30.

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