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Art. 2 GDPR – Material scope

The second article determines that the GDPR applies to data that is processed in an automated way, in part or in total, and also to data that is not processed in an automated (digital) way.

The GDPR does not apply to matters that are not covered by European Union law (Union Law), State security activities (Chapter 2 of Title V of TEU), for activities that it considers to be related to domestic activity or purely personal reasons and other State activities in matters of security, defense and investigation.

The article also provides further conditions on the additional regulations applicable to the GDPR.

Article category Main action Achieving compliance with MinerEye
Action Encryption MinerEye uses article 7 as one of the basic articles for the GDPR General Encryption under the data subject consent. MinerEye developed a GDPR General Encryption tracking tool that allows you to encrypt your data according to the rules of the main articles of the regulation in this topic. MinerEye identified article 6 as one of the legal bases to do the most recommended action by the GDPR: Encryption. When the controller processes the data of the holders and transfers it to the processor, such data already has prior consent. If the controller identifies that the data subject has withdrawn consent for processing, it may delete the data in MinerEye DataTracker.