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Art. 12 GDPR – Transparent information, communication and modalities for the exercise of the rights of the data subject

Article 12 is a complex action article that provides different categories of information and general conditions of adequacy on data processing, including the importance of clear language when information is conveyed to children.

Article 12 establishes some deadlines, such as 1 month for the controller to present the data subject’s requirements, as well as establishes some rights of the controller/processor that are authorized to charge fees or to refuse to provide such data disclosure requests in certain circumstances.

Article category Main action Achieving compliance with MinerEye
Action Encryption MinerEye has developed a platform with legal parameters that allows maximum compliance with GDPR articles involving children. In addition, when action articles provide additional technical information (only reading sections), MinerEye maintains the main reading information in its platform for better monitoring of the data and possible follow-ups in your company’s management.