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Federal IT solutions company Agile Defense announces strategic partnership with Minereye data governance and cloud migration solution provider

RESTON, VA, June 20, 2018 — MinerEye, a provider of AI-powered data governance solutions that will facilitate federal cloud migration, compliance and cybersecurity, has announced a strategic partnership with Agile Defense, a leading information technology (IT) services company that provides information technology solutions for the United States Department of Defense and United States Federal Civilian.

Agile Defense will offer MinerEye’s DataTracker in its cloud solutions portfolio, enabling government agencies to discover, identify, classify and track large data volumes; facilitate downsizing of data volumes for secure and expedited government cloud migrations, and to comply with data protection regulations.

“MinerEye’s DataTracker addresses a key issue that many of our government clients face: understanding what data they have, where it resides and what data should move to the cloud,” explains Agile Defense’s CEO – Jay Lee. “The government is looking to transfer its most critical data assets to the cloud and will look for solutions like MinerEye to efficiently migrate data to the cloud and significantly cut data migration costs while increasing data security, compliance, and privacy.”

“A partnership with one of the leading IT solutions and services providers, serving the U.S. government is a strong vote of confidence for our products and capabilities,” says MinerEye’ CEO – Yaniv Avidan. “We look forward to deploying our artificial intelligence-based solutions to help the U.S. government better manage its data as it moves to the cloud.”

MinerEye has been working with a growing number of Microsoft Azure customers to help them extract value and lower risk of sizeable dark data assets.  It is helping these organizations define what is considered sensitive information and detect it no matter where it is created, modified, or shared. MinerEye DataTracker fully automates information classification and categorization based on sensitivity level as well as the protective action, monitoring, reporting, and remediation.

About Agile Defense, Inc.
Agile Defense, based in Reston, VA, provides information technology (IT) services to a number of U.S. Federal Government clients across civilian agencies and various branches within the Department of Defense. Agile Defense seeks to support and enable mission success through its innovative technology solutions and empowered workforce across the world.  To learn more about Agile Defense, please visit

About MinerEye
Powered by Interpretive AITM, MinerEye continually tracks data wherever it resides. With MinerEye’s unique approach, companies can now discover, organize and track vast information assets by scanning enterprise data repositories at the byte and pixel level. Sensitive data is mapped, tagged and secured according to data protection and compliance regulations including GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOC2, and EU-US Privacy Shield. Employing machine learning and computer vision, MinerEye’s flagship product DataTracker™ is helping companies reduce data storage, fast-track and monitor cloud migration, protect previously undetected, undermanaged and unclassified data against security breaches, and continuously audit information to maintain regulatory compliance.